A Perfect Gift For Christmas

Christmas is here again and people are wondering what to shop for considering the supply chain issues and inflation. It will interest you to know that people do this as a normal yearly routine so that their family and friends would be okay with them. You hear words like “I need to get this for my kids”, “I have to order for my neighbour”, “I have to put this card in the post” etc. They do these as a seasonal gesture.

However, Christmas is about Jesus Christ. The true representation of God’s Love for the world. John 3:16 says that “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son” (TLB). Baby Jesus was God’s love for you and I.

Christmas is more transformational in nature than transactional. It shouldn’t be about you give me this, and I give you that. Christmas is about the expression of God’s love to you, and how you demonstrate this love to the next person.

photo credit: express.co.uk

In effect, a perfect gift you can give this christmas is LOVE. Let genuine Love drives you in what you do. Love has many things to offer. For instance, Love gives. Love forgives. Love cares. Love tolerates. Love understands. Love unites. Love shares. etc. So don’t just focus on gifts and food for your family but reach out to those who hurt you most in the year and let them know that you have forgiven them. Walk around the streets and do good to the homeless. Reach out to comfort those who are in pain because they lost someone or something dearer to their heart. You can be the Jesus Christ God is sending into someone’s world to bring joy, peace, and prosperity.

Merry Christmas from Uplifting Christ. God bless you as you take His Love to the World.

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