11th Hour Miracle (1min read)

Miracles happen at the 11th Hour and Your God is about to surprise you this month. Keep believing, keep hoping, and keep trusting in the Lord.

Uplifting Christ

I feel so passionate to share this message because deep within my spirit, I believe that God’s best for us this year shall come to pass. I believe in the 11th Hour Miracle.

It’s happened to me many times when I thought that it was over, then suddenly God shows up with an answer.

11th hour is the time when all things suggest that you give up. And the miracle is like your team scoring at the 90th minute, just before the whistle goes.  Often times December becomes the 11th hour and sadly many of God’s children give up on their dreams, targets, and/or plans for the year.

In Luke 5:5 (AMP),  Simon replied, “Master, we worked hard all night [to the point of exhaustion] and caught nothing [in our nets] (emphasis added).

  • Peter and Co were;
    • Experienced fishermen.
    • They worked hard all night.
    • They caught…

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