The 11th Hour Miracle (1min read)

I feel so passionate to share this message because deep within my spirit, I believe that God’s best for us this year shall come to pass. I believe in The 11th Hour Miracle.

It happens to me many times, just when I thought or begin to think that it’s over, then God shows up suddenly with an answer.

The 11th hour is the time when everything suggests that you give up. And the miracle comes in like your team scoring in the last minute of the stoppage time before the final whistle.  Often times December becomes the 11th hour and sadly many of God’s children give up on their dreams, targets, and/or plans for the year.

In Luke 5:5 (AMP),  Simon replied, “Master, we worked hard all night [to the point of exhaustion] and caught nothing [in our nets] (emphasis added).

  • Peter and Co were;
    • Experienced fishermen.
    • They worked hard all night.
    • They caught nothing.

Maybe you can relate to the above in that (1) you are experienced in your field (2) you have worked hard throughout the year seeking for opportunity or a break, or promotion, or an answer to a need, and (3) nothing has happened.

It’s heartbreaking especially when you have placed your hope and trust in God yet it appears that you are the only person not making progress in life. You have watched the clock ticked and the calendar rolled over from January to this day with nothing to show forth. Therefore, like Peter and colleagues, you have decided to wash your nets and give up.

The good news was that Jesus Christ came at the 11th hour to cause the miracle to happen and also to usher them into their divine mandate. I need you to believe that Nothing is too late for God. He doesn’t work according to our calendar/time but by our faith in Him.  Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame. (Psalm 25:3, ESV)

In this month, something good is about to happen in your life. It would be beyond your imagination and all the glory would go to the Lord. Are you ready to believe?

Peter and Co had their break at an odd time when everyone thought it would be impossible. They obeyed what the Lord said to them and the miracle happened. In the same way, be careful to obey what God speaks to your heart and you will never be put to shame. Anything you set your heart/mind to achieve this year is possible. It’s possible. Miracles happen at the 11th hour, and yours is on the way. Amen.


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