Kill Your Doubts: Go Fishing

The only limit to our realisation of tomorrow will be our doubts of today

Franklin D. Roosevelt

A major roadblock to achieving your best is your doubts of today. That is when you feel paralyzed today, your hope for walking into your tomorrow gradually diminishes. Doubt depletes your strength and keeps you locked in the company of wannabes.

This life is like an ocean with fishes enough to feed everybody. God equipped you with strength and skills need to go fishing. However, the size of the boat and tools needed has to be decided and built by you. Some people were fortunate to have ancestors (or parents) who spent years building bigger and stronger boats so they are able to go to deep sea to catch bigger fishes with less strength and confidence.


Maybe your ancestors (or parents) built no boat and all you have is one small wooden boat with paddles. That’s enough to get on water to catch some fish. Here is the thing, regardless of the size of the boat, when you doubt your fishing skills, you will never get on the waters.


What if “I don’t have a boat?” you may ask. Life is against me. My resources can’t afford a boat so I can’t get get some of the fishes. Don’t rule yourself out yet. You can get Fishing cannon or fishing hook. The important thing about Life is that you make an effort to catch some fish.


If you don’t have any tool for fishing, you can get hired by a boat owner and with your skills, you can work to save to buy for yourself some tools.

The bottom line is this: If you doubt yourself, with or without boat, you won’t go fishing. If you doubt your capabilities, someone will get into your place. Whatever you can do today will pave way for better tomorrow for your kids and grandkids. Your misfortune today probably is the motivation you need to start building boats for future generations because the Sea and Fishes will remain while you are gone.
Think about Jack Ma. A teacher in the early 90’s but a Billionaire now. You would agree with me that He has built a bigger boat for his future generations.

Don’t let your doubts stop you from starting a course today. Think about tomorrow and invest in today. Are you ready for Fishing? God is your Strength.

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