Best Place to hide in troubled times (1min Read)

Thinking of where to hide when enemies surround your life? Make no mistake, there are real enemies out there. Or maybe you have no enemy? Think about these two men; Mordecai and Naboth in the Bible. They didn’t have much and tried to mind their own businesses yet the powerful and rich in society came after their lives. In effect, sometimes your simple life is enough bait to attract enemies from angles you least expected.

The first is just by the way, let’s look at the real issue. You appeared on the enemy’s radar from the first day you decided to follow Jesus Christ. He became interested in everything about you; your family, job, purpose, happiness, health, etc. And his prime goal is to shift your focus from God into believing his lies.

Satan works through his demons, who also mostly work through people. This is why you don’t only focus on the person who is trying to harm you but also deal with the spirit(s) working behind the scenes. You have Power over them in the Name of Jesus.

Here is what appears to be scary: Your adversary has been around since creation. He didn’t spare Abraham (God’s friend), Moses (the man who got close to seeing God), David (the man after God’s heart), Elijah and Elisha (powerful prophets), Jesus Christ (Son of God), and the Apostles (full of the Holy Spirit). If experience is anything to talk about, then Satan and his demons know how best to toast a person’s life. And since he didn’t spare any of your heroes, don’t expect him to deal with you lightly. He will also try to hit you hard.

The Packages of your enemy are Troubles. Each individual has peculiar package based on Faith level and/or (our) unique weaknesses. If the enemy could overwhelm you with his packages, then he gets the foothold to strike more. That’s why you need to sensitive to his devices and have a hiding place where you can take refuge.

You are my hiding place; You, Lord, protect me from trouble;
You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance.

(Psalm 32:7, AMP)

David had many enemies and he figured through experience that the best place to hide is in God. The reason being that God is able to protect you from both spiritual and physical enemies. None of the enemy’s packages would ever come as a surprise to Him because He knows all things and He will pick delivery for you.

Having God as your hiding place has nothing to do with running to obscure location to find Him. You don’t need caves or highly secured facility. All you need to do is to REST IN HIS LOVE. The Trust and Knowing that He’s got you covered. In the next verse (Psalm 32:8), The Lord says “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”.

Friend the best place to hide in this wicked and perverse world is in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Troubles are bound to come but the Lord will deliver you from them all according to Psalm 34. Always present you case/story/issue/problem to Him and He will be there for you.

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