Thought for the day: pray for more (06.01.20)

So I tell you to ask for what you want in prayer. And if you believe that you have received those things, then they will be yours.

(Mark 11:24, ERV)

It’s a New Day, a New Week, and a New Month. By the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Countries are reopening and everything is going to be alright. Some people are already “worksick”. At the same time, I believe you are going to pray to God for strength and direction, and also present your requests.

One truth is that The God who is able to help you achieve your purpose in 12 months is also able to help you achieve same results in fewer months. Therefore don’t worry about “wasted months” but focus on what you have now and His Mighty Power that’s at work.

When you go on your knees to pray, PRAY FOR MORE because you Deserve More.

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