GO YE: Be Part of The Game

In a typical sports event, there are fewer players and thousands spectators. For instance in Spain, Camp Nou’s pitch holds 22 players and seating capacity of over 99000 spectators. That’s staggering. Isn’t it? The bitter truth about these events is that spectators pay to cheer players to victory whiles the players are rewarded in the end. The Trophy goes to the PLAYERS.

Camp Nou
Photo credit: As.com

Another important point to consider is that the game can go on without spectators. An example is Croatia vs England match in 2018. It was played behind closed doors because of Uefa sanction against Croatia. Thus if you choose to remain spectator in life, you might miss the excitement of your existence/calling/purpose.

This brings me down to a beautiful “game” we have as Followers of Jesus Christ (Children of God). It’s called SOUL WINNING. It’s a game that ought to be played every day. And Jesus called you and I to be PLAYERS, not Spectators. Unfortunately some believers see themselves as spectators, leaving the ball to be played by their pastors and/or missionary team. This perception must change because the Apostles were left with this message:

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.

(Mark 16:15, NLT)

What’s your excuse?

The common excuse people give is Time: “My schedule is tight; I don’t have time; I can give to support others; etc”. The reality is that YOUR GIVING ISN’T ENOUGH. You were called to be part of the “Marketing Team“, thereby promoting and expanding His Kingdom business. A Marketer or Sales person knows that he/she can’t stay in the office and make things happen. Instead you’ve to get out and be active (in person or online) talking about your product(s).

Our Job is to tell the world about Jesus Christ. The Scripture says that God doesn’t want anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). And it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to make this happen. We are called to be PLAYERS.

Getting Started:

It was bit challenging in the past because carrying bible around was difficult (for some). So let’s say that (now) you have Mobile Phone (Smart Phone) with Bible and Social Media Apps installed. The little you can do is to STUDY AND SHARE.
You can target some friends/followers who don’t know Christ, pray for them and Share.


You are a Player in the Game of Soul Winning. You may not be on big screen like your pastor or televangelist but what you do matters to God. Think about this; maybe the one person you win has been prepared to win thousands of souls but he/she is under satanic bondage now.

Therefore as you plan for your day, regardless of how tight your schedule might be, remember that THE ONE who watches over your going out and coming in wants you to CARE about His business.

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