3 WAYS to Simplify Life Today

There are dozens of things you can do today but I want to make some simple suggestions that can transform your world to live stress-free. Its easy to do and can help you achieve your broader goals this year.

Photo Credit: diynatural.com
  1. Do What You Can Right
    • John Wooden once said that “if you don’t have time to do it right, when will you get time to do it over?
    • Your To-Do List is achievable when properly planned and carefully worked through
    • Attempt to do it right the first time because it’s expensive having to redo. That doesn’t mean you would always get it right the first time but when you are conscious about doing things right the first time, you limit the risk of redo(s).
    • So whatever you can do today, make every effort to do it right.
    • You will save the resources of having to do it over.
  2. Leave the Rest to God:
    • You can’t do every thing because everyday presents new challenge(s) targeting your productivity. You could be stuck in traffic, people (including clients may disappoint you), distractions could come your way, etc
    • Regardless of how effective and efficient you want to be, someway somehow, something can sneak in to distort your plans for the day.
    • Instead of being negative and beating yourself up, choose to leave it/them to God.
    • If your target was beyond reach, leave it to God.
    • Don’t stress yourself because the Unseen Power on your side can turn things around for you
    • Philippians 4:6-7
  3. Be Thankful for Little Things:
    • Thank God for the little things you can do like sitting, eating, breathing, speaking, using the loo, walking, chatting, etc
    • I know, from personal interactions, how some people find it very difficult to breath, eat, or use the loo without support. Yet they are thankful.
    • Thank your family, colleagues, friends, strangers, etc for the little things they do for you. Think about this; Someone scanned through his/her phone contacts and chose to call/text you. A thought about you alone deserves “thank you”.
    • When you appreciate little things happening in your life, your heart will be glad. And guess what, it becomes application for bigger things.
    • Appreciation is an Application for something bigger, better, and greater.
    • Remain thankful through out the day.
    • At the end of the day, Thank God for everything that happened in the day. Thank Him for the accident He saved you from that you didn’t see. Thank Him for those annoying moments, and Thank Him that you are seeing your bed again.

As you live your day, remember that God never intended for you to be stressful in 2020. Maybe you can borrow from last year’s post “1 Thing to do in 2019” and decide that you are going to live stress-free one day at a time.
I believe that regardless of how complex your life might be, these 3 Ways can help Simplify your life and help you enjoy life every day.

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