1 THING to do in 2019

It’s always exciting to see the NEW YEAR. That’s why in London and other cities around the globe people gather to welcome the New Year with a shout as they watch fireworks display.

I was at Church and it was amazing because the atmosphere was filled with joy, cheering, shouting, dancing, singing, and some fireworks. I was super excited. In the process, the Spirit of God laid something on my heart which I want to share. But before that, I wish you a Happy & Prosperous 2019.

2018 is gone. Nothing can be done about it. Whatever happened in the year; the good, the bad, the challenging, the best, etc is gone. 2020 is in the future, which you have no control over. Now, what you have is 2019. Even in 2019, you have no control over tomorrow apart from PLANNING and trusting God to see you through.

This narrows everything down to TODAY. What can you do today, assuming today were your last day on earth?

The Spirit of God told me to respect each day and live ONE DAY AT A TIME. He said If I don’t appreciate TODAY, and as well do my best, I would always regret my Yesterdays and also be worried about my Tomorrow.

Set your GOALS but tackle them One day at a time. The Challenge my seem huge but you can handle One day at a time. The Storm may be raging but you can steer your boat One day at a time. The victory may be awesome yet you can rejoice One day at a time. You want to loose weight, free yourself from addiction, stop a habit, develop a skill, gain promotion, increase profitability, get closer to God, etc…You can handle it, One day at a time.

Gradually when the year ends, you will look back and realize that every little step you took daily accumulated to give you perfect result. Remember that God doesn’t want you to be anxious and worried about issues of life because He has already made every provision necessary for smooth journey.


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