2020: The Start of A New Era

In 1999, I thought 2020 was light years away but here we are; from an era where people queued to make calls in phone boxes to era where we can do almost every thing with our smartphones.

The world has changed but God hasn’t. From eternity to eternity, He is the same. And He has purposefully steered your actions (steps) to this year so that you could always look back and say “Thank You Lord“.

In this year, I can assure you that God will be God. O yeah. The same sun will shine, rain will fall, the moon and stars will perform their duties, and you will have enough air to breath. However God expects to SEE a changed You. He wants to see how your life will (continue to) be transformed by His Word and the Holy Spirit.

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This change will not happen until you become intentional about the process. That is you have to make little progress daily to be better for our Lord Jesus. Maybe its time to press the Reset button and begin to live again.

This year will be better than last year therefore lets get the basics right. Is there any addiction, fear, anxiety, bitterness, sin, stagnation, hatred, regret, or pride? Talk to God about it and pray the Holy Spirit helps you say No to thoughts that lead you to them.

Don’t let God drag you this year. Instead make the move by the strength of His Spirit in order to achieve greatness for His Kingdom. Note that the Teen years of the millennium are over and its time to step into Maturity. 2020 is a start of the New Era of Maturity and I welcome you.

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