Safe in His Hands

If you have been following the news in the past couple of days, you would know by now that they carry a simple message: WORRY,FEAR.

Two that made major headlines are the Ethiopian Airlines ET 302 (737 Max 8) crashing and New Zealand’s shooting. Both involved losing precious souls. My heart goes out to affected family and friends and I pray Holy Spirit comforts and strengthens them.

When we hear and/or watch such incidents happening, even to the point where a killer would live stream his deadly act, one question that may pop up is; Are we safe? Considering that average time for first responders is over 5 minutes.

The message is clear: Fear, Fear, Fear. Yet God says “Don’t be afraid“.

You are safe in His Hands and He is constantly guiding your steps. Always be ready to listen and obey what He tells you. Yeah! You’ve got to train yourself well because the world is full of noise which impairs hearing prompts of the Holy Spirit.

A point to note is that Mass shooting and accidents would happen. But we believe that God is protecting us, and even if we should die, there is something far better waiting for us at the other side. Take some time today to pray for God’s children worldwide.

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