God Is Never Too Busy For You

Can I call you back” is very common lately. People are busy…it is what it is…two or more jobs, traffic, etc. There are bills to pay and family to take care of. Thus when you want someone to talk to…just when it’s critical to be heard, you hear “Can I call you back” or no answer.

What if you get this response from God? Would you trust to call on Him again if need be? God understands that is why there are no appointments and scheduling from His side. Instead, you are too busy for Him. You have set time to engage Him and sometimes it’s possible to go many days without any engagement. And when you are too busy, you miss His voice.

Today, be reminded that God is not too busy for you. He has your time. He will never say “Can I call you back”. You need no appointment. He is available for you anytime on any day.

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