You’re Not Late

No one wants to get behind schedule for an important meeting, work, service, etc yet it’s probable that you would find yourself having to chase after a bus, train, or plane one way or the other. It’s part of life.

When you feel/think/know that you are late and jump on public transport, your lateness or urgency doesn’t cause the driver to move faster. The machine will move according to plan and your only option is to wait patiently till you get to your destination.

In the same way, you may feel/think/know that you are late in life. No one wants to be caught at this spot yet we find ourselves there almost all the time. We want things to move or happen more quickly. However, man’s sense of urgency doesn’t move God. He works according to plan and He is never late. And while you wait, He prepares you.

Think about Jesus Christ. He knew his purpose but He waited till the appointed time. Could John the Baptist have baptized Him earlier? Could Jesus’ temptation have happened sooner than it did? Could He have started His ministries in His twenties? There are tonnes of questions one could ask about why Jesus Christ waited till age 30 to start His ministry when He knew His purpose before birth.

A closer look at Apostle Paul’s ministry reveals that after his encounter with Jesus Christ on Damascus road, it took three years (in preparation) before he went to Jerusalem to meet Peter and James (Galatians 1:18).

Thus when you hear that God works according to His time, don’t assume that everything stays passive. He actively works behind the scene to prepare you for the assignment. It’s said that new levels come with new devils. Every miracle you need has a test/challenge/temptation component so God prepares you for both. And your miracles and testimonies are your toolkits for evangelism. Your set time is coming so allow yourself to be taught and prepared by God. It won’t be late because God is always on time.

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