You’re Special

God created everything with you in mind. He made the heavens, the earth, the sea, land, plants, animals, etc, and set them in motion before creating man and woman. Think of this like a husband and wife preparing to welcome a new baby. They would paint the house, buy his cot, clothes, food, diapers, water, etc. Well prepared parents set everything in motion, sometimes planning this child life upto the University before conception. And since no man or woman can be better prepared than God, you can imagine what God put in place before allowing you to enter the physical realm.

Here is the truth: Everything you see around was created because of you. God made them so that you wouldn’t only be amazed or wowed by them but they are meant to function for your survival.

God created everything by His power for our pleasure, and they function for our survival.

Therefore, when you see the Sea, or look up to see the beauties of the heavens, or you look at the forest, grass, and feel the air around you, know that they exist because of you. God set them up because you are His special possession.

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