When God Give You A New Day (30sec read)

There are two things you can do when God gives you a new day: Either you see the new day as an opportunity to explore new ways of achieving your purpose in life, or you gaze at all the difficulties that make achieving your purpose impossible. Think about it this way; It’s about seeing Opportunities or Obstacles.

Credit: https://toddmnoftall.wordpress.com/

Regardless of how you see the day, time is constantly moving in a clockwise direction. It ticks whether you remain active or choose to be passive. It ticks whether you remain positive or negative. And it ticks whether you work towards something or fold your arms in anticipation of some magical breakthrough.

The greatest opportunity you would ever have is the Gift of Life in a new day

Uplifting Christ

When God gives you a new day, He is giving you an opportunity to see opportunities in order to continue your good works or to start pursuing your dreams, or try again that which was a failure yesterday. Be mindful of what you do in a day because the precious time when lost, can never be regained.

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