Glorious Days Ahead

One attribute of God is that He is the God of progression. That is He always takes the next step forward. Anyone who walks with God moves from one level of glory to another, and you are no exception.

In the scripture, Jacob (Israel) left for Egypt when they were but a few in number. Only One, Joseph, went ahead to Egypt before the others joined him but in the end, they grew to millions in some 400 years. This same Egypt, which became a land of torment because they were slaves, was a secured nest or shelter God used to ensure that they were not scattered with time and also to keep His promise to Abraham. Egypt was not a stumbling block but a stepping stone for God’s children.

Today, you may be caught up in some Egypt (a profession, a relationship, a location, a company, a situation, etc). It was a good decision at the time but now it appears that you are caught up in a dungeon with no hope of seeing light. When you consider God’s promises for your life, like Israel, they are far from reach and your faith is gradually drowning in the waters of life.

Life has ways of knocking out your hope for a better tomorrow. Think about; Joseph landing in prison, or Moses running away from royalty, or Israel celebrating freedom only to appear before the red sea, or The Apostles witnessing Jesus’ death when they thought He would be with them longer, or Mandela in prison, or Steve Jobs getting fired from Apple, or Tyler Perry being homeless, or Elon Musk being broke and living on loans from friends, etc.

But regardless of how hard life hits you, remember that your God is the God of progression. He never intended for you to start a journey with Him, then ditch you halfway. His plan is to give you hope and a future. His plan is to help you achieve your purpose in this life. That was why He sent Jesus Christ. He is the orchestrator of the whole creation. The Bible says that without him, nothing was made that was made. That is everything you see was created by Jesus Christ and they revolve around Him. Thus with Him in your life, you have the propensity to create, attract, achieve everything you desire. This Egypt you see is not a stumbling block but a transitory moment.

So stop dwelling on how bad or challenging situations have been and look forward with hope that with Christ, your glory days are ahead of you. Soon you will look back and share your testimony to inspire others. All Glory to God. Amen

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