Christmas, A Big Deal for the Church Forever

Christmas will forever be a big deal for the church regardless of how corporations and people try to twist it to fit their narratives. The reason is simple and very brief: Without Jesus Christ, there is no Church. That is the Church exists because of Jesus Christ. He laid the foundation for the building of the Church and he added that “I will build my church; and all the powers of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18, TLB).

The church already has its foundation built on a Solid Rock that cannot be moved and/or destroyed. And Christmas is a season to remember the joyful entry of the One who is the Foundation, the Builder, and the Head of the Church. Since the Church cannot be destroyed, Baby Jesus will forever be remembered. Hallelujah!

Jesus Christ is the reason for Christmas and the Church upholds this forever. We will tell this story to the world, and continue to teach our children and grandchildren.

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