Why Miracles Come Your Way

Your life, as a child of God, should demonstrate the Lord’s goodness and it should bring glory and honor to His Holy Name. As a result, every miracle you seek should be that which will tell His goodness to others, and it should bring glory and honor to His Holy Name.

Every miracle God sends your way is supposed to be a message to someone who is in line to receive answers to his/her prayers. For me to be a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a miracle. I remember one particular paper, Advanced Financial Management, that I passed at fifth attempt. I became exhausted but I wasn’t ready to give up as it was my last paper. On the exam day, just about an hour before the paper, I met a colleague who is a pastor and was coming for his third attempt. He told me about what he had discovered about approaching the paper which I felt would help and I also shared what I had discovered. The exam started, I cancelled answers to an entire question because I made a mistake, tried to answer again, and I was able to attempt all the questions. In the end, I passed with the highest mark in my ACCA journey. He also passed. I still wonder how he met me that morning before the paper because judging from the questions that came, I would have failed.

The fifth attempt I had to endure and paying GBP140 for each would turn to be a message for some people who were having tough time passing. I remember one guy who wanted to give up after his third attempt but when I told him about passing at fifth attempt, he went for the fourth and passed. Other people see my story as their message to persist through their journey.

Friend when God sends miracles your way, don’t see them as a tool to show off and to let those who mocked at you know that your time has come. Instead share your testimony to encourage those who are at the verge of giving up, and to also let the world know that your God still works for His children. Always remember that your Miracle is your Message.

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