My Little Story: Gold In The Bread

I heard this story as a kid about one beggar who sat daily on a busy street asking for money. One rich man saw the struggle this beggar had to go through from morning to evening and decided to help change his life for the better.

As a result, he went to his bakery and requested that a gold be put in a bread which he would give to the beggar the following morning. He got the bread and gave it to the beggar hoping that the beggar would eat the bread, find the gold, sell it, and use the proceeds to start a new life. However, the beggar thought he had no need for bread but money so he sold the bread for cash.

The buyer, realizing the worth of the bread rushed to the beggar the following morning, gave some money to the beggar and told him that he would gladly buy the next bread for more money.

Weeks later, the rich man saw the beggar at the same spot and felt sorry for him but thought maybe he should repeat the same process. He went to the bakery, got bigger gold in the bread, and made it attractive so that it would appeal to the beggar for him to at least open it. After that he went to the beggar and asked what he did with the previous bread. The beggar told him that he needed money badly so he sold it for cash. The rich man told him to please eat this new bread with his family because it was specially made for them.

Sadly after he left, the beggar thought this bread would fetch more cash so he went to the previous buyer and sold it for more cash. Time passed and the rich man saw the beggar at the same spot, going through the same struggle but he wouldn’t help again because he thought another person needed the same opportunity.


Like the beggar, many of God’s children in dire situations where they have to depend on others for survival. Others are wealthy but they aren’t independent and thus seek to play it safe to win people’s favor. God sees our daily struggles and has given us the Bread of Life.

This Bread of Life is Jesus Christ. However, we often trade Jesus Christ for short term benefits. We feel urgent need for little bit of freedom, fame, money, power, influence, peace, etc so we trade this Bread for them. But the Gold is in Jesus Christ. If only we would take time to break this Bread, then we would find the Gold that will transform our lives.

In Jesus Christ, there is Freedom. There is Peace. There is Power which gives greater Influence. There is riches and glory. There is Healing. There is EVERYTHING.

As I thought deeply about this, I am guilty and feel sorry for myself because I haven’t fully appreciate this Bread I have in my life. I don’t know about you. I don’t know how you have traded yours in the past but we can make amend today and own this Bread, break this Bread, and eat this Bread, and we will be fulfilled to the point that we would have no need in this life and the one to come.

I am the bread that gives life! No one who comes to me will ever be hungry. No one who has faith in me will ever be thirsty.

(John 6:35, CEV)

Whatever it is that you are hungry and thirty for can be found Jesus Christ. There is Gold in the Bread.

Prayer: Most High God, my Father, thank you for giving me this Precious Bread of Life. Please help me to appreciate that everything I need to be successful in this life and to make it to Heaven is in Jesus Christ. From today, I wouldn’t trade Him for anything the enemy would offer. Help me Lord in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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