God Will Never Forget You

The Story:

In 2012 there was a story that shocked many in the United Kingdom. Although it looked far fetched, it wasn’t fake news. The Prime Minister and his wife mistakenly left their 8 year old daughter at a pub. This happened because they went back home in separate cars and each thought the other had the girl.

It was interesting because this powerful man was in charge of protecting over 63 million people then and no one would have ever thought that the couple would make assumptions without any confirmation ( like a 5-second call, or text) about a daughter so dear to them. In the end, the mum picked her up within some minutes.

The Message:

God takes care of the world’s population of some 7.9 Billion people with unique DNA. This is a very serious business yet He has you marked and pays attention to every detail of your life. He also takes care of everything you see; animals, plants, etc. He doesn’t operate on assumptions, neither does He shift responsibilities to another person.

This should make you happy each day knowing that His eyes are upon you, and you need to have this mindset that your God will not leave you behind for anything. He goes before you, He stays by your side, and at the same time He is behind you. This knowledge beats human reasoning, which establishes the fact that He is God.

Be encouraged today that even if people (including your parents) forget you or may leave you at some point in your journey, your God will never forget you.

The Lord answered, “Could a mother forget a child who nurses at her breast? Could she fail to love an infant who came from her own body? Even if a mother could forget, I will never forget you.

(Isaiah 49:15, CEV)

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