My Little Story: Make Things Happen


I woke up one morning with a strong desire for a cup of hot dark coffee. I knew that a cup won’t appear on my coffee table till I make it happen with the wisdom and knowledge I have so after attending to my personal care needs, I walked to the first shop for coffee. Unfortunately, as with many first attempts on achieving targets, I met the unexpected…no coffee. At first, I thought that I wasn’t going to satisfy this desire but something in me kept me moving from shop to shop till I got the brand I felt for.

I came home to meet my hot water ready because I turned the kettle on before my coffee expedition. Also I had white sugar and milk so I was kind of ready for the mix. Whew! In next 2 minutes, with a tea spoon of sugar, my desired cup of hot coffee was ready. See, I could have spent my morning praying and nothing would have happened without any intentional actions.


God has placed in you some great desires that only you can make them happen. A lot of times we are made to believe that miracles happen on their own which is something that has no scriptural basis. Miracles happened in the pages of scripture when the recipients did what they could do regardless of how small their efforts were. Miracles happened when they obeyed the voice they heard by taking corresponding actions. Are you ready to take some steps or actions?

I could have stayed in bed, fasted and prayed for the whole day and the cup of coffee wouldn’t appear. Does that mean that God can’t do it? No. God can do all things but He doesn’t encourage laziness. He knows that His children are in a constant battle against dangerous enemies so He likes to toughen them to make things happen. God doesn’t entertain comfort zone because your enemy will soon turn it to danger zone.

Maybe you have been waiting for God to make the money, opportunity, or break appear, or make your heart desires to (just) appear…boom! It doesn’t happen like that. Everything you see were made by God. God did it. They didn’t appear on their own. God made them happen. When Jesus needed money to pay tax, or turned water to wine, or feed the multitude, He could have just made them appear out of nowhere yet He told the people around and/ or the disciples to take some actions. He told them to do the little things that made the big things happened. What are some of the little things you can do about your vision, dreams, desires of your heart, etc?

What fasting and prayer does is that it gives you the strength to do what you have in your heart. It makes you find favor so that the least you do triggers the supernatural.

Like my cup of coffee, you can make things happen. Every desire you have in your heart is possible. Get out from any comfort zone and start moving. It’s possible your first stop may say No but there is a Yes in your future…not a far distant future but a couple of steps or actions from whatever stage you are now. God is your strength. Keep going and Make things happen.

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