How To Build A Healthy Thought Life

When the foundation of a building is weak, that building has no future. It’s just a matter of time and it will come down. That is why architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, etc ensure that the foundation of a property is properly designed and supervised to make it fit for purpose.

In the same way, the quality of the life you live is dependent on the quality of your thoughts. Your actions are inspired by your thoughts. Your attitude stems from your thoughts. And your words are formed from your thoughts. Therefore if your thought life is toxic, weak, full of negativity, then your life will be shaky.

It is therefore important to spend time to program yourself in such a way that only fit for purpose thoughts are allowed to stay. Your thoughts should be aligned with your purpose in life because everything begins with a thought.

3 Things to Look out for:

  • What You See:

Pictures you see can greatly influence your thought life. What you see on TV or internet should have positive correlation with your purpose. Know that not every program is meant for your consumption. You are not obliged to watch every show so do yourself a big favor by changing channels when what you see is not fit for your lifestyle.

What you see around your world should also be monitored. That is if you find yourself in group of people who do things that are not fit for your purpose, instead of sitting and waiting while watching what they do, you can leave the scene.

  • What You Hear:

It has been said that great men and women are made by words. Words you hear people say about you can influence your thought life. Not only that, experts opinions about events can also shape your thought. Thus you have to be the security at the door of your heart and kick out any word that is contrary to what you stand for.

  • How You Feel:

Sometimes it may be difficult to control your feelings but you can control how you interpret those feelings. Paul and Silas maintained positive attitude and praise God in spite of the pains and imprisonment because they perceived the moment of pains as being partaker of The Lords suffering. If they had seen it in any other way, it is possible they would have given up.

One way to defeat feeling of doubt, fear, despair, discouragement, pain, etc is to put on garment of praise. Understand that as a child of God, your enemy rejoices when you succumb to your negative feelings because that makes it easier for him to attack your thought life.

  • Conclusion:

You have the ability to build a healthy thought life because of the Holy Spirit presence in your Life. I mentioned an architect, engineer, contractor, consultant, etc at construction sites ensuring that proper foundation is made for great buildings. Think about it this way; the Chief Architect and Engineer of your life is God Almighty, His Word (becoming Flesh) Jesus Christ is your Contractor, and His Holy Spirit is your Consultant. They have responsibility to ensuring that you have perfect thought life (or strong foundation) to build your life on. But you have to permit them work. You have to Talk to God, Feed on His Word, and Allow His Holy Spirit to have control over your affairs.

If you can do this, then what you see and hear, and how you feel will be measured against the standard set by God’s Word. This will enable you to live the life God has destined for you and nothing shall be impossible for you.

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