The Father’s Love

Although some people have weird perceptions about fathers, there is undeniable fact that responsible fathers are awesome. The father’s love is one of a kind; one that is always not expressed in words but through deeds.

Here are 3 ways a Father shows Love:

  • He Provides Leadership

The father provides leadership for his family. He is the head and responsible for steering the affairs of his home. This sometimes paints negative image for him as his children normally see this as restrictive measures to deny them of their instant pleasures. When a father fails in this role, often mothers step in to make things right for the children.

  • He Provides Resources

The father’s love is seen in the provision of resources to meet the needs of his family. The hurting moments for him are when he sees a need but he is unable to provide. It kills his pride. That’s why he wants to work hard to provide for today and save for tomorrow or rainy day.

  • He Provides Protection

The Father protects his family. He provides mechanisms that protect his family from all harm. Sometimes he struggles to make a name that scares bad people from touching his family and property(ies). His unspoken words of love is seen in what he does when someone touches his family. His heart beats as he pulls all he has to defend what he cherishes most, family.

Fathers are special so let us appreciate the Fathers in our lives. God Bless You Fathers. Happy Fathers’ Day

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