Is There A Need In Your Life?

Our God is a need-meeter. In a new day, we see the sun works, the earth revolves, enough oxygen for every Creature, water reaches us, etc. When Apostle Paul had an opportunity to testify about God in Acts 17:25, he said that God “…himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need.” God will satisfy every need in your life.

  • The Reality I Face:

I have needs. No one has it all. Here is what I do: I constantly trust God to supply them.
Do I get the supply? Well! there were many things I prayed for a decade ago and when I look back now, I see them answered. Although they didn’t happen at the pace I thought they would, I could still testify that God made them possible.

This gives me the assurance that God has answers for present day needs. I tell folks that every new day brings me a renewed hope that whatever I am trusting God for is closer than it was yesterday. I choose to remain hopeful because I have no other source.

  • Trust in God:

So if you have a need, keep trusting God that someway somehow, possibly today, what you have long waited for will come to pass. One thing I would strongly counsel is that: Let God Be God.
Don’t try to figure out how He is going to make things happen because it adds to the stress and frustration that come with waiting. Know that God is Faithful and He will do it for you. He will graciously meet your every need in Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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