Are You Ready For New Opportunities?

May 2021 is here and the good news is that you have what money can’t buy: Life. Thank God for your life and what you have been able to achieve so far. It’s worth noting that little progress is better than no progress. Therefore don’t belittle what you have done and keep your eyes fixed on the bigger picture.

It’s time to take a quick look at your 2021’s objectives and perform an honest evaluation of yourself with greater emphasis on your time and energy. How have you used your time and energy? I wrote this on the assumption that you have God on top of your priorities as He is the Source of your Strength.

If you haven’t done much this year, there is no cause to worry because brooding over missed opportunities only saps the energy you could you to strategize and make the most of the next opportunities. Each day in this month will present unique opportunity and I trust that you will seize them and make the best out of them.

I know this, and I am certain that the One who has called you is Faithful and He will fill your cup with greater joy and prosperity. Better days ahead.

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