Elon Musk Became the Judge

Elon Musk is undoubtedly a genius. He is smart and has definiteness of purpose for his life. That is he knows his apex and is constantly working towards that. I recall sighting an article where his mum shared his IQ test score at age 17 on social media. In the article, he was asked to retake the test because his score was too high.

To talk about the time and energy he dedicates to Tesla and SpaceX, in one documentary he talked about working over 100 hours a week. Thus I don’t wonder why he is a billionaire as he lives above the average lifestyle.

I was thinking about whom I could compare Elon to in the Bible. I thought about it for many days and boom! I found one. An incident happened on twitter where a video game creator needed Elon’s approval to start a project he was working on. This guy (Lyubomir Vladimirov) tried for the first time and got no response. He tried again and again yet no response. I can understand because there are thousands of reply to his tweets and he only respond to those that catches his attention.

Vladimirov was determined to make this request for 365 days. None of his first 100 days tweets fetched him the response he needed but he kept going till his 154th day tweet. He was shamelessly persistent.

Vladimirov wrote:

“Dear Elon. I am a game developer and I am making a game about the colonization of Mars with you and SpaceX. If you think it’s cool, all I need is a ‘go ahead’ to use your name and logos. I will post this every day for a year or until I get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. 154/365”

Elon responded:

 “You can steal our name / logos and we probably won’t sue you,”

I see a replay of the story Jesus shared about the Judge and the widow who needed justice in Luke 18. The widow had an answer upon her persistent request for justice.

The reason why this demonstration is important is that Elon Musk became the richest man on earth and Vladimirov is no match in terms of wealth. He (Vladimirov) believed that if he could persist long enough (just as Jesus Christ talked about), he would have an answer to his request.

He didn’t see the 51.8million Elon’s followers as a limitation. I believe he thought about the thousands of replies that pop in minutes after his tweets but he went ahead anyway and believed that Elon would see his post. After 154 days he got what he wanted.

Everything Jesus Christ talked about is practical and real in our daily lives. If only we pay a little more attention to events happening around us, we would see them manifesting every day. And this is why it is critical that we take heed to them. Have you been persistent about a request for continuous 154 days?
Often we give up too soon and stop praying after 30 days or maximum 40 days. Sometimes we pray about it when we remember.

I trust this illustration will ginger your appetite to persist in prayer. Unlike Elon Musk, God is not restricted by time and space and He is ready to answer anyone who has Faith and wouldn’t give up asking.

Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.

(Mathew 7:7, AMP)


  1. Your idolisation of Elon Musk is highly questionable as is your discernment. I am concerned for your congregation whom no doubt are as deceived as you are since you presume to be their teacher. Should you wish to know more about Elon Musk and why Christians should never consider him their ally or friend much less their role model, please let me know, and I will send you further information.


    1. I don’t intend to argue my case with you because it wouldn’t take us anywhere. But just a few points for your consideration:
      Our Jesus Christ sat and dinned with tax collectors and people deemed to be sinners in his days. Thus (even) if Elon is a sinner, we have to follow Jesus’ examples and win Elon for Him. Babylon Bee had a segment with him where he(Elon) shared his thought on Jesus Christ. Our job isn’t to judge people but to lead them to God.

      Again in the context of the message shared, the Judge that Jesus referred to neither feared God nor have respect for man, according to the scriptures. Thus if Elon is an atheist or disregards God, he would fit the scenario purpose.

      However, non of these are as important as the core of the message, which is about being persistent with our requests. I believe that there is something we can learn from the guy who persisted to get his fellow human(Elon) attention, as in the parable Jesus gave about the widow and the judge. We easily give up on a major roadblock but Jesus wants us to persist.

      God bless you


      1. Elon the judge? Did you know there is an Elon in the Bible? He was one of the judges of Israel. There are others too. Do you think Elon’s parents were Bible believers or sabbatean frankists when they named him?
        I do understand the perserverance message you are attempting to get across however I do think it is highly inappropriate because it furthers the hero worshipping that is going on with regard to Elon and a great many of these fans are undiscerning Christians.
        Elon is not merely an atheist, as in Spinoza, whom he said he follows. His personal and business life displays the truth that he is a rabid pagan satanist working to bring about the demise of humanity even as he professes to warn us and pretends he is on our side, the saviour. There are others like him eg Noah Harari and Jeff Bezos.
        As for being a judge: we are most definitely required to use our God given judgement in order to discern between right and wrong, good and evil. We are also required to resist evil.
        Further: I just do not see how the acceptance and exaltation of Elon Musk by Christians serves to win him to Christ Jesus. I was subscribed to the Babylon Bee until they interviewed Musk. Perhaps I have just become overly sensitive to the sloppiness of professed Christians which feels like it borders on blasphemy but I unsubscribed at that point.
        In my further research on Elon Musk it is very very evident that he is a worker of great iniquity. If Christians were really concerned for his soul then they should be calling him out on his evil works instead of making him feel like a hero genius whom they love and idolise.
        Yet what I see is Christian influencers leading the sheep to their slaughter, not warning them, no.
        For Elon Musk is anti humanity in all his works and ethics, and most definitely anti-Christ also.
        Your core message is about Elon Musk and his genius and how he stooped to be gracious to another person who perservered to obtain something they wanted from him. The rest is lost, I’m afraid because what a great guy is Elon Musk, hey?


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