The Story of the Crucified King: The Silent Moment

In a season like this, permit me to share a beautiful story about a King who forsook all He had to be a servant in order to win the World for His Papa.  

This King was born in a manger to a beautiful young virgin and a young carpenter. For reasons unknown and still remains a mystery, He lived for 30 years before starting His assignment in this different world. In His Glory, He was served but in the human form, He came to serve.  

Within three years of His Ministry, the world saw unprecedented miracles, signs, and wonders. He spoke with authority and challenged the status quo. And soon, His fame spread throughout the region, so much so that everywhere He went crowd would follow Him.  

During these years, those who believed in Him and the works He did became His friends and desired that He lived forever. After all, who doesn’t want to have bread multiplied and coin being pulled out of a fish mouth? His disciples wanted him to stay for longer because the Miracle Worker was their master and like any servant, they probably would boast about their Master when He was away. There was one disciple who got the opportunity to walk on water. Amazingly and also funny, this person didn’t want His master to leave. They left all they had to follow Him.  

However, these good works also attracted many enemies. There were those who desired every moment that He would just disappear. They tried to arrest him a couple of times and daily sought to trick Him to commit a crime. All these efforts prove futile. He was way smarter than them. If He were in our world today, His IQ couldn’t be measured or tested because He is the idea/knowledge/wisdom behind the invention of IQ test(er).  

One day, He was finally arrested. One of His own betrayed Him. Sad. His enemies thought it was time to end this nuisance in order to return to normalcy. Whereas His enemies jubilated and planned ways to get rid of Him, His friends wept bitterly especially those who left everything to follow Him. They were caught in a dilemma: What would be their future? How would life be once their enemies have their way? How would society accept them back? Etc 

As these two sides think of the way forward, the King knew that He was born to die. He didn’t see death as an end. Instead, He saw it as a moment of transition. He had told them that unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it abides alone. In effect, although He was mocked, beaten, spat upon, slapped, knocked, etc. He said nothing and did nothing. He could have resisted and conquered because before these guys were born, He Was. And one servant in His Glory could have destroyed these vulnerable sheep.  

It happened that His enemies had their way and wish granted so they crucified Him. Everything happened just as it had been prophesied. He came to fulfill the scripture. Finally, the moment of transition came but death was afraid to approach him. Before there was pronouncement of death, He was. Therefore in order to make death’s job easier, He Himself yielded His Spirit into the Hands of His Father. Then the moment of Silence began. 

His friends and enemies saw Him being crucified and they thought it was over. The longest day in His friends’ lives was that Saturday. It was the first day they lived without hope of seeing their King again. No bread multiplication. No water into wine. No fishes. No Master. No dead being raised. No Nothing. On the other hand, His enemies thought they had achieved the normalcy they had long waited for. No more crowd gathering. No more hosannas. Nobody would be potent enough to challenge their interpretation of the laws. Etc. It would forever remain the quietest day on earth.  

…to be continued 

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