No Man Can Curse You

God is not a man; he will not lie. God is not a human being; his decisions will not change.
If he says he will do something then he will do it. If he makes a promise, then he will do what he promised.

(Numbers 23:19, ERV)

The story about Balak and Balaam is an interesting story that you can relate to your daily affairs. In summary: Balak was intimated by Israel’s successes and out of fear contracted Balaam to curse Israel. He promised to pay huge sum but Balaam was determined to say what God says. The offer was good and it could have changed Balaam’s life yet he couldn’t curse Israel, not because he didn’t want to do it but God continually cautioned him that Israel was His people and they were already blessed. He remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

This is interesting because these people were unborn generations in Abraham. Out of one man, God had produced an entire nation…millions of people…spanning over 400 years. Therefore He wasn’t going to allow one man, Balaam, to destroy His precious possession. Thus He intervened for Israel behind their back. Israel had no idea what was happening behind the scenes but The God who Sees all and Knows all turned moments that could have hurt them into opportunity for blessings.

Why is this story important?

Jesus Christ came to die for you. He stamped you with His precious blood to make you God’s precious possession. He was ashamed for you. He was accursed for you. He became poor for you. He was beaten for you. He went through all the unthinkable for you. His goal was that anyone who believes in Him will live a life that is above His on earth. The scripture also says that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places…the highest place of honor. Satan and his demons know this truth. They know that like the children of Israel, you are blessed and can’t be cursed. You are healed and can’t be tormented with sicknesses and diseases. You are rich and not poor. And you are entitled to live the higher life that Jesus Christ brought to earth.

Know this Truth: Just as God had the children of Israel on His mind when He was blessing Abraham, He had you in mind when He sent Jesus Christ to die on the Cross. Because of Jesus Christ, God will always commit to His Word concerning your life.

Sometimes some people may hate you for nothing…O! because of your successes. They may see your progress in life as a threat to their whole being. They may try physically or even consult a medium in order to chase you out. It’s possible that you may be aware of their schemes but one thing is certain. No creation can undo what the Creator has done without His permission. And I can assure you that your enemies will perish with their thoughts if they continue to pursue that impossible mission.

In this Holy Week, let the foundation of your faith be strengthened because Jesus Christ was victorious and His is the Victorious One. He is the #1 Champion Who champions you affairs. The enemy can’t harm as long as you remain under the secret place of the Most High. Finally everything you decide to do shall prosper in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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