Journey To The Top

You have made a wide path for my feet
    to keep them from slipping.

(Psalm 18:36, NLT)

When you have to walk on a tightrope, you need balance and focus. You would also have to practice and practice in order to perfect. If you are acrophobia, then thin line (tightrope) or narrow path wouldn’t be your thing, especially at a higher level.

Here is the thing: God has destined for you to go higher in life but the path uphill is thin like the tightrope. You need balance and focus. You must let go many things like worry and anxiety, anger, bitterness, lust, greed, etc to maintain balance. And to Focus, you must get rid of distractions. An example of distraction is comparing yourself to someone. I think it would be right to say that Balance enhances Focus.


God knows that apart from these two (balance and focus), the enemy will throw anything at you in order to get you off the line. Picture yourself on a tightrope at about 500 feet above and someone is throwing stones at you. Your enemy wants you to stumble and fall. Therefore He (God) has enlarged the path beneath you so that you don’t have to be on a tightrope. This will help you to maintain balance and move to achieve His purposes for your life.

Enlarged Path credit:

When you journey on a path like the one above, maintaining balance is easy. This is what God has done for you. In Psalm 18:36, David said that God has made a wide path for his feet to keep them from slipping. With this (wide) path, David was assured of balance and he could run faster if need be. He had enemies who wanted him to fall at different stages of his life. His in-laws sought after his death and his son came fiercely to take away the throne. In spite of these, David had balance and was focused because God had him covered.

This is true for you as well. Your journey uphill maybe tough especially if your parents didn’t provide solid foundation and you have to dig your (own) way through. You will have enemies targeting your progress but know that your God has enlarged the path beneath you and He is making your steps secure. Don’t be afraid of what you see but let your actions be inspired by your Faith and keep moving forward. If you don’t give up, You will Succeed. God bless You!

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