Pray This Prayer Daily

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

(Psalm 32:8, NLT)

2020 has been classified by some as “bad year”, “wasted year”, “bomb”, “backward”, etc. If the world had had prior knowledge about the chaos, maybe it would have been better prepared. That notwithstanding, it was glorious year for some. If you asked Owners of Zoom about their take on the lockdowns, restrictions, etc, (apart from loss of lives), I believe they would see it as a year their business saw greater light. The same year, the same world, the same people, different views.

Going forward, everyone is on the lookout for what could happen this year, especially as UK’s cases soar. What happens to travels and relationships? What happens to kids and schools? What happens to people’s career? what happens to acquired skills that seems to fade out because of the changes we see. I read an article yesterday that Unilever’s employees will never return to working 5 days a week at desk. Before 2020 people didn’t need workstation at home but it’s becoming the norm. The world we saw 5 years ago isn’t the same today.

The good news is that since you alive to witness these developments, I would suggest to you that God has you marked. Quit following the crowd and get back to the drawing table; the table of Prayer. Your constant fellowship with God is vital for your direction and survival. Remember that in the period of drought, Isaac thought of escaping but God told him to remain where he was. He planted and reaped many fold. He became great when others were going down. He got it right because of his Fellowship with God.

Alright, as the essence of our relationship with God has been established, may I suggest (again) to you one prayer topic you should pray every day this year: “My Father, guide me along the best pathway for my life. Please be my adviser and continue Your watch over me“.

Sometimes you have to pray God’s own words. They are His words. And the scripture says that He watches over His words to perform them. He is also Faithful to Keep His Word.

As you gaze into the future, don’t fret because God knows what lies ahead; The very reason why you should pray for His guidance, advise, and Watch. Your Life is Safe with Jesus Christ. You will succeed. Amen

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