2021: I Pray For You!

It’s always great to SEE a new year. Two weeks into 2021 and it’s a shame that am late in wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. One thing I didn’t not delay in doing is praying for you. I have prayed and still pray that God, through Jesus Christ, will supply your every need and make you abound in all good works. Your plans will succeed. You will continually find favor before God and people you encounter. You will have peace of mind and heart, and All you decide to do shall prosper. God will be merciful and gracious unto you and your family, and He will meticulously order your steps day by day.

It’s a fact that as you run your race this year, you are not at a disadvantage because The Most High God has His Holy Spirit vitalizing your mortal body on the inside. And as He has begun well with you, He will also end well with you. The news will not scare you because Jesus Christ has made you anew and fuel you for days, weeks, and months ahead.

I believe this year will be great and many wonderful things are bound to happen. When the world talks about recession, we will talk about abundance. There will be plenty of blessings for the Church. Our voices shall not be silenced. We will declare the goodness of our God aloud to the Nations.

Thank you for following Uplifting Christ. God will bless the works of your hands and you will remain fruitful throughout the year. Your Life Is Safe With Jesus!. God bless you more and more


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