Thought For The Day: He’s Got You! (08.21.20)

122 powerful people conspired against Daniel because He did exploits which prompted the King to make him the boss over all. The scriptures says that “this Daniel, because of the extraordinary spirit within him, began distinguishing himself among the commissioners and the satraps…” Daniel 6:3.

He couldn’t go unnoticed because of the presence of God in His life and dealings. And regardless of the decree made against him, He was strong enough to go on His knees 3 times and prayed. In the end, all of them were thrown into the same Den but ONLY Daniel came back alive

In the same way, your progress, promotion, exploits, etc because of God’s presence in your life won’t go unnoticed. People would come against you in many ways but God will strengthen you and what was meant to harm you would accelerate your greatness.

Live your life with this confidence that God’s got you and nobody can snatch you out of from His hand. Have a great day!

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