Shush! Are You Quiet Enough?


Shush! The Spirit wants to speak but are you quiet enough to listen?

Our world is filled with noise. O yeah! I mean Loud Noise from Cable news, Entertainment Channels, and Social Media. The noise from Social Media is louder than anything we could ever imagine. The days when we turn off TVs or Radios to have quiet environment are long gone and we live in era where a peep and/or vibration from your phone is door bell to welcoming many people for a minute’s visit (In 1 minute, you can chat 10 folks). In effect, creating time for oneself is (somehow) difficult lately.

Yet the Still Small Voice needs quiet environment to talk to you. He needs a period where you put your phone aside, remove yourself from the crowd, sit at quiet place, and just be silent with quiet mind.
It’s one thing keeping mouth shut but mind is wandering, and another thing keeping mouth shut and mind quiet. This would create an atmosphere of reverence and He wouldn’t disappoint you on that appointment.

Jesus’ Example:

But the news about Him was spreading farther, and large crowds kept gathering to hear Him and to be healed of their illnesses. But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray [in seclusion].

(Luke 5:15-16, AMP)

Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left [the house], and went out to a secluded place, and was praying there.

(Mark 1:35, AMP)
  • Two things to observe in above scriptures:
    1. Jesus would often remove himself from the crowd in order to engage The Father
    2. Jesus would do same in the morning.

What can be learnt from Jesus’ Example:

  • Two things can be learnt from the Lord Jesus Christ.
    1. Regardless of how tight your schedule is, you can create time to engage with the Holy Spirit: That is while planning your day, you chip in slot for the Holy Spirit where you would observe necessary protocol for Him. It’s an act of respect. Jesus could have just be quiet in the midst of the crowd and pray yet He withdrew.
    2. Before you Start your day, you give Him some time: You don’t have to leave your room but you can designate section of the room for your quiet time. This is for your benefit because He can reveal what’s ahead of you in the day and how best you can handle them.

During the above periods, keep your phone at a distant. However if you use digital bible, you can turn off your internet to avoid distractions. I put mine on airplane mode at least i can be sure no call would come through. It’s appointment with divinity and it ought to be done well.

Friend, the world will never be a quiet place but you can shush and be quiet enough to hear God’s Powerful Spirit speaks to you. SHUSH!

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