Thank You (15sec Read)

I want to thank you for your prayers and supports for me. I give thanks to God daily for making me a vessel for His use. This blog reaches places I could only dream of, and people I would never meet till we get to Heaven. The great encouragement comes from you. That is your time to visit Uplifting Christ. Thank You and God Bless You Richly.

I feel strongly within my spirit that God is turning millions of lives and destinies around for good. And my prayer is that you won’t be left out. He will remember you and supply your every need. Don’t fret about what you’ve lost during this period because He’s ready to give you double for every loss.

I may not see you till we get to Heaven but know this that in Christ Jesus and through the move of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to grow Stronger and enjoy Perfect Peace and Prosperity in this chaotic world. Your Life is Safe with Jesus Christ.


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