Strategically Ordered Steps

The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every details of their lives

(Psalm 37:23, NLT)

God is interested in every details of your life. He cares about everything you do that’s why He guards your going out and coming in. Jesus gave a perfect picture to demonstrate the extent to which God cares about you when He said “even the hairs of your head are all numbered” (Luke 12:7).

Why is He interested in Things You do?

He is interested because you are His child and He wants you well. He knows that your sight is limited to see beyond the sense realm, and your strength is limited to face the kind of enemies Paul described in Ephesians 6. He knows that there are many selfish and evil people on your streets, workplace, etc. As a result, if He takes His eyes off you, you will be devoured.
Another important point is that He brought you into this world for unique purpose and it’s His responsibility, if you would permit Him, to guard and guide you to achieve that purpose.

King David’s Story

David’s life is a template when considering how God guides His children in achieving the ultimate purpose. At age 17, he was anointed to be the next king of Israel. Here lies the danger of thinking that God would treat you same as He did with your predecessor, role model, friend, etc. When Saul was anointed to be king, he barely faced any opposition. He became the first king and one would have thought, including Samuel, that David’s own would follow same.

However, David was starting a journey where he would have to rely on God at every step along the way. Within 13 years (as a shepherd), with no military experience, he killed an expert killer and consequently was enrolled in the army. He was made commander over the men of war, a position his own brothers who were in the army for long never occupied. He ran away from his people and lived among his enemies and in caves. He acted like a mad man and was always on the run. In all these, God strategically ordered his steps (ways) till the final moment came.

David made decision to fight alongside the philistines against Israel but the philistines thought David could betray them in battle so they told him to go home with his men. The Bible says that when they got to Ziklag three days later, the Amalekites had raided the town, made away with everything and burnt the town. Here is what happened after; while David was chasing the Amalekites in the South, Saul was going to battle the Philistines in the north. David recovered everything and got back safely with his men only to receive the news that Saul was dead on the third day.

Another point to consider is; if God hadn’t used the Amalekites as distraction, David and his men would have been informed about Israel being conquered by the philistines and they would have gone to support Saul in battle, which in turn would have prolong God’s purpose for his life. I believe that what happened at Ziklag was a major distraction God orchestrated so that He could deal with Saul for his disobedience. At Ziklag, David wept bitterly with his men and they even thought of stoning him, Yet this bitter experience was a doorway to his success. Can you relate this to any event in your life?

God led David to the throne just as he promised.


You can trust that God’s plans for your life will come to pass as you remain as His child. You have to be aware that sometimes God will reveal the promise to you before preparation. That’s when you have to learn to deal with betrayals, death threats, rejections, pains, pride, and also learn to love your enemies, master over your weaknesses and trust Him to lead you.

He has high stakes in you thus He constantly watch over His Word (Promise) to perform it. Don’t give up and turn to human help when the path looks blur. Instead be like David and ask Him about the next step you should take. At one point, David asked God these questions (in my own words): Would Saul come here? and God answered Yes. Then he asked again; Would the people betray my men and I? and the answer was Yes. With these answers from God, David left the place. ref: 1 Samuel 23:10-12.

Friend, God is watching over you and until you accomplish His purpose for your life, He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is strategically ordering your steps…STAY CALM.

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