How to Stay Refreshed in a Day

Getting up in the morning can sometimes be frustrating especially when you barely had enough sleep and your day is fully packed. In spite of how your day might look, judging from the morning, here are 3 things you can do to help you stay refreshed as you keep marking your To Do List.

  • Be Thankful
    • When you open your eyes in the morning, before you get out of your bed, say THANK YOU to God for yet another beautiful day. Thank Him for Life, good health, and all He has for you in the day.
    • Showing gratitude is simple way of telling someone I appreciate what you have done. Everyone wants to see the worth of what they do. So as you keep pouring this blessing on others, you are energizing them to do more, boosting their confidence, and the smiles you see on their faces is enough medicine for you socially and psychologically.
    • In moments where you have to criticize someone on their work, first appreciate the efforts put into getting the work done before outlining deficiencies. It’s better that way.
    • Finally before you end your day, spend some time to thank those who contributed into you having fruitful day
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  • Spend Some Time With God
    • Seeing a new day is not an accident. It means you still have some unfinished business to do for God and humanity.
    • David put it this way You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book! (Psalm 139:16)
    • God knows what’s ahead of you so it’s wise to spend some time with Him for direction. This can be done early morning and during the day when a lot seems to be happening around you.
    • Just as you would easily turn to your phone and search google for information, you can also turn to the Omniscience God for every insight you need.
  • Help Others
    • Someone needs your help everyday. While this is true, it doesn’t mean you step out trying to help everybody. You can’t do that.
    • Here is what you should do: As you pray in the morning, ask the Holy Spirit to either direct you to people you need to support or direct them to you.
    • For me when I meet them, there is a strong nudge to give whatever they ask for and interestingly enough whatever being asked for tends to be within my means at the time.
    • I remember one day someone approached me asked for money. I heard from within my spirit that I should give double the amount which I did. What I saw next amazed me. This guy lifted his hands up with the money and shouted ” Thank you Jesus!” for like 5 times, singing and praising God as he left. That was wow for me cos at that moment, I forgot about all the struggles I was facing that day and my mood switched into thanking God too. And that day was good for me.
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Every 24hours you receive is a resource you should spend well. You’ve got to be productive in your field. I believe that regardless of how your day would be, whether weekday or weekend, practicing these 3 things would spice you up because great day isn’t only measured by what you achieve or do but (also) by how relevant you remain to others. God bless you.

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