It Shall End in Praise

Some day we would look back and Thank God for events like Covid-19. This sounds strange but I believe that we are experiencing these today for tomorrow’s greater benefits.

Maybe we should spend some time to consider the positive side of this pandemic. From my Faith stance, I believe the Gospel is reaching more people via internet (social media) than any time in History. Families are connected in prayer and the church is reaching out to help in greater capacity than before.
And the good news is that the world has now recognized vulnerability of man and His need for God’s help.
We would remember how a virus brought us closer to God and to His fellowship. We would remember how God saved us in the midst of fear and anxiety.

We would also remember how the world united despite our diversity to fight a common enemy. We would remember how stronger nations helped the weaker ones. We would remember how interdependent we were in Love and harmony.

We would remember how God saved us and thank Him for discoveries, lessons, and preparedness for any future threat to humanity. It shall end in Praise.

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