How to deal with the Unexpected (Part 1)

Life sometimes gets little tricky. That is when you thought all was well, the unexpected pops up. It’s like a student who is told about pop quiz on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon tea time. Or like a traveler cruising at 70 mph on highway…the car begins to slow down and stops. These two are frustrating moments, especially when you least expected.

The unexpected could be dismissal from work, deal falling through, death of loved one, failing in final exam, repossession of house, sickness, etc. It could be anything. These things happen to people…they just happened, unannounced.

Why they happen?

Let me use the student analogy to share thoughts on this question. Do teachers love to see their students fail? Why do they conduct pop quizzes? Do they assume that (all) students are prepared for the test? How do they feel when they walk through the class and see some students struggling to answer their questions? To the unprepared student, the teacher is mean. But to the prepared student, it’s a healthy exercise toward final exam.

In Life, there is going to be final exam, that is Final Day when you give proper account of what you did with your resources (physical resources, people you met, time, knowledge about God, His Son, and His Spirit, etc) for a PASS or FAIL result. But before that, pop quizzes are to be expected.

Life’s pop quiz is meant to reshape your perspective about life. Often times to help you realign your focus on God, and to Trust Him more. They test your Faith, with greater emphasis on your confessions. For instance if you confess that you Love God More than anything. How do you know this is true if you are not tested in area where you lose something dearer to you. The enemy’s focus would be to prove that you love something else more than God.

Someone said nothing could separate Him from the love of God. He would love to attend all church activities, pray more, and win more souls but for His paid job. Within month, redundancy hit the work place and he was fired. While he was home, he got different perspective about how to relive his life; by spending quality time with family and to do those things he couldn’t do for God. He got a new job, better paid one, and still got time to do things that mattered most to him in Life. That pop quiz made him eternal focused, and also not to overly rely on a job.

Maybe you are dealing with some sickness(es) or someone you know. The enemy’s object is make you believe that that sickness is meant for your destruction (death). He knows that unbelieving heart takes you farther away from God. He knows that God, through Jesus Christ, HEALS. And He knows you know that too but he magnifies the symptoms so that it appears to overshadows the Power of God to Heal you. Today, get a new perspective that ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD. The Name of Jesus is as Powerful today as it was in the past, and would be tomorrow. Healing is your Heritage and your body is meant to do great things for God.

Your pop quiz isn’t meant for your destruction. Like the teacher, God isn’t happy to see you fail. He wants you to remember what you have studied in His Word and through His preachers, to provide answers the best way you can. Those who are ignorant of the Word fail the test and are help captives, sometimes for many years.

To be continued…

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