3 Ways to Stay Focused And Achieve Anything

Keep your eyes on Jesus, our leader and instructor. He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy he knew would be his afterwards; and now he sits in the place of honor by the throne of God.

(Hebrews 12:2, TLB)

I couldn’t hide the joy when the certificate was delivered to me. The smile meant thousand words and at a point I forgot about the stress, meeting deadlines, and the thousands of words I put together for final dissertation to wrap up the Masters program.
I want to share three strategies I used, which could also be used to achieve your most pressing goals/targets

  1. Keep the End before you:

What do you want to achieve in the end? One strong motivation that will keep you going is to constantly envision the Reward/Benefit yet to be achieved. Jesus looked at the Joy (the Highest Place of Honour) that was set before Him. His focus was on Sitting at the Father’s right hand to make intercession for us.
Remind yourself every day about the reason(s) for starting the journey, especially when fatigue sets in. It’s natural to get tired and wanting to give up. It’s also natural to hear 99 reasons (between your ears) why you should give up or consider other alternatives. But you’ve got to remind yourself about the reason for starting and the benefits that await you. You can get an image of the reward and keep it on your table or strategic place where you can easily see.
I constantly read about salary range for the program, honors that come with it, networking, and the fact that I would upgrade from first degree. These, among others, kept me going.

2. Avoid Distractions:

Time is a limiting factor in your quest for success. Jesus knew that He had no much time to spare so He used His time effectively and efficiently. How was He able to do many things in 3 years? I believe He managed His time well. He avoided as much distractions as possible in order to remain focus. Many times we read that “He withdrew himself“.
Many things will fight for your time; social media, parties, unnecessary phone calls and visits, idleness, etc.

To help you remain focus, Think about the Goal you want to achieve and make list of things that are not urgent and important in your life at that moment. These things should be scrapped or deferred to your leisure time. Secondly, consider those that are not important but appear to be urgent. They can be deferred. These two categories are distractors. They have power to prolong time you will take to achieve your goal.

3. Be willing to Delegate and/or Sacrifice:

Some people are good at multitasking. They can combine two or more tasks at a time and produce amazing results. But if you are unable to multitask, then you may have to delegate some responsibilities and/or sacrifice some events in order to remain focus. Jesus delegated some tasks to the disciples, especially those that were not core.

I know some people quote “I can do all things” to mean that they can (even) do many things at a time through Christ who gives them strength. Such folks forget the fact that Jesus didn’t do everything…though He could do all things. He delegated some responsibilities to the disciples who later brought him report.

If you have to sacrifice piano classes in order to focus on studying for exam that will score you for graduation, do. Any other thing that is important but can cost you in the end, learn to let go for a moment so that you can focus on making best use of your time…to achieve your set target. I had to sacrifice many things which I got back to after passing all exam.


I believe that you’ve got what it takes to achieve limitless possibilities. Everything you’ve set your mind on to achieve is possible if you can learn to set your Goal(s) before you, avoid distractors, and learn to delegate and/or sacrifice if you can’t multitask. Learn from Jesus’ examples and you will always remain victorious. Be blessed.

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