How God Protects Your Body Against Viral Infections

The news is flooded with Coronavirus;triggering panic around the globe. Countries are on high alert as measures are being implemented to prevent the virus from spreading. We are told to take precautionary measures and to seek medical attention asap if there is any sign of infection.

This is today’s reality: Bird flu, Swine flu…Ebola, and Coronavirus. Are we going to have an end to viral diseases? I’m afraid No. There would always be one outbreak or the other. But there is HOPE for you as a child of God.

For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease

(Psalm 91:3, NLT)

God protects His children from diseases. And a Fact you should come to term with is that You have been equipped to heal people using the Name of Jesus Christ.
I am not telling you to ignore medical advice and live carelessly but I do want to remind of you about your authority to function in the Name of Jesus.

So How is God protecting us today? He gave us Jesus Christ. His Blood is Awesome and His Name is Powerful. We are bought by His Precious Blood to operate in His Name. What God did has Eternal effect because Jesus Christ is the SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVERMORE.

Therefore, if there is a viral disease today, we are covered by the Blood. If there is going to be another outbreak next week, next year, or next decade, the Blood will never lose its Power.

If every news anchor were a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ, the story would have been different. But we live in a world where Fear sells so I thought that this gentle reminder will equip those who believe on the Name of our Jesus Christ. You are Covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ, OUR LORD.

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