Check Time (1 min read)

It’s good to be alive today. This means that You have some Time to spend. Hallelujah! you have LIFE. Life is the most important thing on earth, and good health is a blessing. Thank God for blessing you this year.

I want you to spend some time to Check Time today. How have you used your time so far this year? It’s easy to keep track of our monies than time Yet we could always make more money but Time is limited to 1440 minutes a day.

We are also mindful of how we spend our money but little or no attention is given to how we spend our time, especially leisure time. We wouldn’t want to spend our money on fools yet we spend time arguing with fools. We don’t spend money on irrelevant stuff yet we spend time discussing things that are irrelevant. We wouldn’t want to spend money travelling around aimlessly yet we spend time combing social media, watching how people live their lives. This is sneaky; we may not consciously be aware but it’s enemies strategy to keep us from doing what is really important.

Your time on earth is Limited. Your assignment/purpose is Time-bound so check Time. How have you spend your Time this year? We have roughly 2 months (November-December) to go; some 61 days in these months; 87,840 minutes to spend. If you haven’t checked Time till now, You can start Checking because You can ACHIEVE more in 87,840 minutes. May God bless us with Wisdom to Check Time every day. Amen.

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