3 Ways to Win Against Satan’s Strategy

I want to talk about how to win against your #1 enemy’s strategy to stop your from winning. Many times he tries to scare us from living the higher life. His main objective is to keep us reaching our full potential or being best at what we do.

The enemy operates with a simple strategy. That is he attacks first, sometimes with a thought or through an agent. He believes that if he could distract/disturb/stir up your idea(s), goal(s), desire(s), vision, purpose, etc at conception, then he would win.

3 Stages of His attacks:

  1. Thought Bombs:
    • He throws thoughts bomb when you begin to conceptualize what you want to achieve. At this stage, you battle with an invisible force.
    • Hence the question: “what if I FAIL? What if it doesn’t work? Am I qualified etc“.
    • At this stage, you are attempted to formulate 1001 reasons why you will fail, or get disappointed, or be humiliated, and anything negative you could think of.
    • His purpose is to scare you enough to quit.
  2. He uses People:
    • When you overcome the first stage, he uses people to stop you. It could be family, friend(s), mentor, pastor, expert, etc
    • Be mindful at this stage because it can be subtle. Folks will show you much they love, care, or are concern about you, and give you reasons why you should give up.
    • Sometimes you would may have to deal with persecution, hate, hostility, mockery, etc. For instance when Jesus told the crowd in Matthew 9:24 that “The girl isn’t dead; she’s only asleep.”… the crowd laughed at him.
  3. He presents FACTS:
    • It is said that “Facts don’t lie“.
    • At this stage, he knows your own thoughts couldn’t stop you, neither were people so he presents facts to you.
    • If it’s a trip you wan’t to take, he would present facts about how many people died or got infected with bla bla disease(s). If it’s an exam you want to take, the Fail rate is enough to scare you. If it’s marriage, divorce rate. If it’s new business, the number of businesses collapse within first year, etc.

David went through these stages before FACING Goliath. His CONVICTION was strong so the enemy started with PEOPLE; His own brother. He turned away from him, only for Saul to present FACTS about Goliath. But David was undaunted by the situation and proceeded to defeat Goliath.

3 Ways to Win Against The Enemys Strategy

  1. Study the Word of God:
    • Get to know what God’s Word says about your situation. When the enemy tempted Jesus on food, Jesus quoted scripture about food. When he tempted Jesus on worship, Jesus quoted scripture about worship.
    • Satan is experienced in what he does so your ignorance about the Word (concerning your situation) would make you vulnerable.
    • Therefore be prepared before he attacks. Create time to study the Word to build your Faith.
  2. Pray Always:
    • Make time to talk to God about everything. It’s important because when everyone else turns their back on you, God wouldn’t. Talk to God based on the revelation you receive through studying the Word.
    • God knows the end from the beginning so He is able to direct your steps, despite oppositions, to achieve your purpose.
    • Don’t wait for trouble or the enemy’s attacks before you pray because building spiritual muscles takes time and sacrifices.
  3. Face the Target:
    • When you spend time studying His Word and talking to Him, it won’t be long before He shows you what to do. It’s spontaneous if you are really committed to Him.
    • Act on what He tells you. The truth is that God’s strategy wouldn’t make sense per human reasoning. This is because His ways are far above our ways…Isaiah 55:9.
    • Be courageous and work towards achieving your goal, desire, purpose, etc because God will ensure that His strategy revealed to you works.

The enemy wants you to abort your dreams so don’t give him the foothold to plant his seed of deception on your fertile ground. Get closer to God and you will win every day.

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