ALL Glory Belongs to Our God

Miracle on the Hudson remains the heroic experience in aviation industry in the last decade. Everything about the event seemed like well calculated movie scenes and I still applaud Captain Sully for such bravery.

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Merriam Webster defines Miracle as an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.

Q: How could a pilot land Airbus A320 with 155 people safely on a river?

A: It was an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

Miracles happens every day and I believe what happened on the Hudson was great deal of a miracle. However, when asked if it were a miracle in an interview with ABC News? Cap Sully responded that it wasn’t a miracle but the hard work of many players in the industry over many decades.

He protects the lives of his faithful people…a man does not triumph by his own strength.

(1 samuel 2:9, GNT)

Sometimes we take God out of the scene and attribute extraordinary accomplishment(s) to our hard work, or experiences, or qualifications/certificates, or connections, or personality(ies). Yet we get offended, and/or are quick to react, when we are not credited for our actions/deeds.

Friend, all glory, praise, and honor belongs to our God. You worked hard (no doubt about that) but the strength to work was freely given by God. The Wisdom, Knowledge, Favor was given from above. John the baptist testified that “No one can receive anything unless God gives it from Heaven.
(John 3:27, NLT)

What Happens when you attribute all Glory to God?

  • Your life becomes an instrument of worship
  • You continually thank and praise God for everything you have/do.
  • You shift the focus from you to God.
  • In effect, you automatically recognize that you are vessel which He uses for His purpose(s).
  • He uses you more for greater accomplishments
  • Pride has no root in your life

What happens when you Keep the Glory?

David and Israel was punished by God when David had wrong motive for taking census. 1 Chronicles 21
David wanted to know the size of his army which displeased God because He (God) gave them victories, not their army size or their strength. 70000 people died as a result.
This explains why (sometimes) we see some people with decorations of qualifications yet haven’t achieved anything meaningful. They are struggling because to them, it’s about what they have and not Who they have.

In this Season, God is about to use you mightily to accomplish the Supernatural. When you see the manifestation in your life, remember that ALL GLORY BELONGS TO OUR GOD.

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