Every Little Helps

It’s said that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and every single step you take takes you closer to your destination. Today, I want to borrow Tesco’s Every Little Helps, not to promote Tesco but to see how this slogan can be helpful to us in achieving our broader goal(s) this year.

Journey to the unknown with the Known God

January has passed. Now, February…moving to Week 6 out of 52. Day in, day out, week passes. Soon month, then before you realize, year is gone. The challenge is that we (are tempted daily to) wait for right time when actually the right time is NOW. And the NOW expects you and I to do something, regardless of how small it might be.

Every little bit helps. Assuming you want to break solid rock into pieces with hammer. The first few hits would barely produce any result. However, the more you hit the rock with your hammer, the result you seek would be inevitable.

photo credit: wikihow.com

The goals you seek to achieve this year is breaking that solid rock. The hammer is the tool (or resource) you have. Hitting the Solid rock is the little steps you would take each day. Every little hit helps, Every little step helps.

God isn’t expecting much from you. He only wants you to take those little steps which He would use to accomplish unimaginable results for His Glory. Consider the story of the lepers who were outcast in Samaria, or the Woman with the issue of blood, or even Zacchaeus. All they needed to do was to take steps, and they did. Any result? Yes, they got what they sought for.

Don’t be limited by the size of your vision, instead be supercharged by the size of your God who through His Spirit can cause you to achieve anything you could think of. He is God Almighty.

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