You can Handle It

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Philippians 4:13, KJV)

It’s a week into the new year and guess what is staring at me; my vision, goals and objectives. They don’t look friendly at all but I am determined to keep moving forward. I can handle it.

It’s not about what the year has to offer but about what we have to do in the year. Nothing will happen if we do nothing.

Regardless of the size of your vision or goals, it is attainable as God has made everything you would need available. You can handle it. God brought you this far because you have a story to tell this year. And your success story isn’t going to be about your network, certificates, qualification, experience, money, achievements, possessions, family, etc but about CHRIST, Who will gives you strength and power.

Paul understood that his strength to do all things came from Jesus Christ. In effect no principality, power, demon, or individual could stop him. This will be your story. On Christ the Solid Rock you stand therefore You can Handle whatever comes your way. Your vision is attainable. You can Handle it!

Don’t be intimidated by other people’s testimonies because yours will blow their mind too. Keep moving one step ahead of the other, always reassuring yourself that You can Handle it because Christ is your strength.

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