3 things to Expect From God (1min read)

As we approach the end of the year, I quickly want to throw a reminder on three things you can always expect from God.

Note: God watches over His word to perform it.

In Psalm 32:8, The Lords says ” I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you” (NLT) emphasis added

  • Guidance:

The first thing to expect is his perfect direction along the best pathway for your life. Remember that God knows the end from the beginning and outlined your days before a single one came to pass. He understands how things works. Think about how navigation system works; it is assumed that it can calculate the time and distance, and best possible route for our journeys. Sometime when we miss a turn and goes on the wrong direction, the system quickly does recalculation and present another route for our journey. This is man made system and it guides so well. How much more The One who existed before man existence? He knows your destination and once you rely on Him, you can be sure that He will guide you along the best pathway for your life.

  • Adviser:

Think about how Google or Siri or Cortana, etc work. Or even how calendar apps work on our devices. We ask them for information to plan our lives. Someone once said that “Google knows every thing”. But the reality is that until you ask Google or any of the apps, nothing happens.

Your Father, God, knows everything. He is Omniscient. He has all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. He strategically directs your decisions and takes you on a journey, sometimes without even realizing how things work out perfectly. At times evidences may show that you are losing then suddenly you win. He knows your future more than you knew past. Therefore once you open up to him, talk to him about your plans, He will present you with options and also assist you in selecting the best choice of action. Would you present your case(s) to him today?

  • Surveillance:

One beauty about London is CCTV; Someone is always watching you. Man thought about the importance of watching every move of people to ensure safety and security, among other things.

Your Father, God, watches over you. The scripture says that the One who watches over you neither sleep nor slumber. He’s got his eyes on your every move. He angels have been charged to take care of you.

Think about this; US says it protects Europe against any aggression. Putin told Macron that if it’s about Security, Europe can come to Russia for support. Macron later said Europe should consider its own army against any threat. The Key is who protects who? It’s about Super Power to protect, and the Spiritual Warfare is real.

Can you rely on your enemy for security? You need Strong and Powerful Ally who is always watching and calculating every risk/threat you face in your daily life. You need God Almighty as Strong and Powerful Ally. His secret service agents (Angels) are at work in your life. Therefore DO NOT BE AFRAID. He is WATCHING OVER YOU.

A lot may be happening around you but you can TRUST that God will guide you, advise you, and watch over you.

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