End Your Day with Prayer (1min read)

Hello Everyone, 

I trust you had a great day. I had an awesome one with cool weather, though bit sunny in the afternoon. God is good.

I feel strongly to share this message before I retire to bed. It’s brief and I trust it’s going to be a blessing.

  • Introduction:

I start my day right every day with my quiet time, normal tea time with Jesus, and pray to usher the day into God’s hands. It’s always unimaginable experience each day. However, the challenge was with the evening. O yeah! when the body is exhausted and craving for rest. Some 30 minutes with God becomes a whole new thing which makes it difficult to pray before I sleep.

  • Experience:

One morning after I had finished praying, I heard a voice saying that “You are conscious, active, aware, and could control some events in the day yet you pray every morning. How about the evening, the night when you have no control over your body and environment. When your eyes are closed and you have no control in the unseen realm. Don’t you think that is when you should pray more?

  • Reaction:

I pondered on the words throughout the day and felt the need to improve upon the habit of engaging God more before I sleep, and sometimes at 12am and 3am. I can testify that there has been major improvement in many areas of my life.

  • Conclusion: 

So this is why I felt the need to prompt you if you don’t pray before bed. Its not enough to thank God for the day but you should also commit the night under His care. Remember that often times great people we read about in the Bible encountered God and/or Angels during the night, while they sleep and dream. Enjoy your prayerful night, every night. God bless you

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