Under His Wings

He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge. (Psalm 91:4, NIV)


These chicks are very beautiful, adorable, cute, and vulnerable. They aren’t safe because there are many dangerous creatures who want them for lunch.

The mother desires to keep them safe but she can only do that when they remain within her enclave, and of course her safest bet is under her wings; there, she can protect them under favourable temperature.

The psalmist talks about how God covers His children with His feathers. He does that because He knows the devil flies around like the hawk seeking for someone to devour. His purpose is to Steal, Kill, and Destroy. But if you remain under your Father’s wings, you will be safe.

Where are you now? Are you under your Father’s wings?

The world may offer many things it calls fun but they are baits to draw you away from your Father.

Think about this;

When there is an attack, or storm, or tsunami, or earthquake, or anything you could imagine in our cities, we are told to stay home right? Why?

Because Home is Safe.

God protects His children 24/7. The Scripture says that He never sleeps nor slumbers so when you stay close to Him, He guides and keeps you safe.

Today if the world has caught your attention with its baits, remember that HOME IS SAFE. The closer you remain, the safer you become.



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