Happy Mother’s Day (10sec read)

motherI don’t know what to say because words aren’t enough to express what I have within. But in simple words, I would say MOTHERS ARE SPECIAL and should be treated as such.

Whoever you are, and/or  whatever you are, you are alive today because ONE WOMAN who stood for you from conception, when you knew no light. It was as result of her courage and endurance (for months) that enabled you to see the light.

I believe it’s a collective responsibility for us to CELEBRATE mothers all over the world. You have spouse, friends, employees, neighbors, employers, partners, frenemy etc because their mothers stood for them when they were but a clot of blood.

godly Mother is a Treasure from God. She carefully nurtures her child(ren) in the Fear of the Lord. And she is a wonderful gift from God to her husband, children, and the world.

I wish every mother a HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY. God bless you RICHLY

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