Be Proud of “YOU” (1min read)

IMG_0545It’s nice to be YOU…no two ways about that.  And If nobody supports you on that, know that God does because He created you to be you. This would be categorized under emotional Stretching. Some folks love to play around with our emotions, always desiring to be happy instead of us being happy.

Often times we allow those guys to put us in box which deprives us of the Joy of living in the present.

We go to the gym because they want us to; we slim because they want us to; we gain weight because they want us to; we go outing because they want us to; some smoke, drink, do drugs in order to make others happy. The question is;

  • What about you?
    • What do you want to do?
  • What makes you happy?
    • Do they care about that too?
    • or Complain?

Maybe its time you take critical look at your life and make some U-TURN.

The truth is that as long as you live to please people, you will miss the essence of living on purpose. This is because God plans for you is different and he made you the way you are to suite that purpose.

20121128-100456.jpgYou shine as light when you live You so don’t let anyone dim your brightness

You are one of a kind that is why your finger prints are different from mine. Therefore let people know who you are and what you stand for. Outline your values and stand by them. Sometimes it’s good to consider making allowances but those allowances should not change you into a different person.

I believe it’s quite appropriate for you to be convinced about the change they are talking about and the relevance of it to your purpose. For instance if you are lazy and folks want you to be active and work hard so that you don’t become poor…Hey!…you better listen because being lazy is no good and when you become poor, you may burden them.

Another dimension is that When Adam said that the woman made him ate the fruit, God didn’t spare him and said it wasn’t his fault. Living to please people could have eternal consequences, especially when it makes you miss your purpose in life.

Don’t stress yourself to please people. It may be difficult saying No but I would encourage you that it’s time you tried. If they would go or leave your life because you wouldn’t be their (emotional) puppet, be strong and let them go. For God will introduce people who would love and cherish you for who you are.

Take note: If you aren’t convinced about yourself or your traits or your values, you will fall for emotional suckers. Be proud of who God made you to be and live according to His Word.



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